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Meet Me at the River

Do you know exactly how far you live from the Mighty Yahara?

I'm looking for friends and neighbors who would like to be part of my art project called "Meet me at the River."

For two weeks in early June, I will put signs in yards within a 3 mile radius of the Yahara River pointing to the Yahara River. The signs will tell you how many miles it is from that spot to the River.

The signs will be part of the temporary installation of public art works by community artists called Reflections from the Banks of the Yahara River that I am co-curating.

Anyone can volunteer their yard. I'll provide a pedometer for those who want to do the walk themselves to determine the mileage.

The signs will be small, but big enough, and made of wood. They will pound into the ground easily, and come out without trouble.

The idea is for people to notice, maybe just one, maybe a few, take note, talk about it, wonder what is going on, and have a pleasant little encounter with public art.

Some people will hopefully follow the signs and head for the River, where they'll find artwork by a number of artists along the parkway.

And for those who host a sign, you might remember to walk down to the River more often. At least, you may remember to head that way to watch the annual Fools Flotilla float by on a Sunday morning in early June. You may even hop in a boat and join revelry as part of the water parade.

Please contact me or comment here if you would like to volunteer your yard!

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