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Yahara River Projects

Lapham Buildementary Outdoor Sculptures by Kids

Lapham Buildementary was a twelve-week after-school club for 20 first and second grade students. It was free for the Lapham Elementary students, thanks to a ton of support from the city and the community. 

The kids spent the spring learning the who, what, and how of public art and sculpture. They then began plotting their own large, 3-dimensional pieces to build. This kid-made art was installed in the parkway along the Yahara River during the summer of 2017.

The artist-in-residence was Amy Mietzel. She created the curriculum and led all the club sessions, getting the kids from concept to finished sculptures. Amy is a former elementary school art teacher who now teaches a full range of courses for adults and kids from her funky little space on Winnebago Avenue called Bare Knuckle Arts

A special exhibition at Bare Knuckle Arts provided a sneak peek during Gallery Night in May 2017!

The idea for Latham Buildementary grew out of an earlier art installation along the river...

Reflections from the Banks of the Yahara River,
a public art exhibition during the summer of 2014.

The signs point the way, and they are what remain of a temporary art installation that was organized by myself and my friend Helen Sarakinos in 2014.

I'm very proud of the project. We put out a call for submissions, not knowing what we'd get. What came in were amazing ideas from local artists, ways to beautifully celebrate the geography of our landscape, the history of the watershed, and the culture of the neighborhood.

Please take a moment to visit, or revisit, this temporary installation along the banks of the Yahara River!

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