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BLINK and the art is gone.

The exhibition will come down in two short weeks. If you didn't make the walking tour with the artists (John Miller in the picture above), get out there and see it quick!

In theory, I want you to be surprised by each piece. I want it to be your own discovery, a wonderful serendipity that makes you feel like you are momentarily on vacation in your own neighborhood. I want you to be so excited, you tell people "You'll never believe what I saw today while biking/boating/walking by the river..."

But if it takes pictures you make you curious, or photos on facebook to make you feel like you are missing something, that's fine, too. I've seen lots of people stopping to take pictures of the art, laughing, curious, seemingly having a good time.

My family has twice now made the occasion to picnic under this tree and installation by Thomas Ferrella. My kids call this whole thing "my art project," which is a concept familiar to two and four-year-olds. It has been my project for the past months and I'm thrilled with how it turned out. Thanks to everyone involved, my co-curator Helen, and Karin at the Madison Arts Commission. Thanks for going to see it all, enjoying it, and coming up with more ways to make life fun and inspired!

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