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Meet the Puppet Man: Saturday at the Party in the Park!

This Saturday, there will be some fun stuff at the Party in the Park! And all of it has been organized for and by neighbors. This is very home grown.

For example, home-brewed beer available only at the Party in the Park. The kegs will be tapped and volunteers will be ready to take your generous donations. The money collected will to Lapham Elementary School. 

Tammy, the principal at Lapham, says the restricted budget is making it hard to cover all the needs of the school. For example, students from the downtown homeless shelters attend Lapham, which has an indoor swimming pool. Tammy says she uses donations to buy swimsuits and towels for the kids who need them. 

Luckily, there are many ways the Party in the Park will benefit the neighborhood. Underground Food Collective and Salvatore's Tomato Pies are cooking something up together so you can be sure there will be delicious food. They are generously donating their proceeds. Some of the money made at the Party will be used to adopt the Ash trees in Reynolds Park so they may survive the Emerald Ash Borer blight.

There will not be a carousel at the Party in the Park. I wish! My kids and I love the movie Mary Poppins and when we ride the carousel at Ella's Deli they ask if we can gallop off into the park with our horses. 

That would be dreamy...

But, there will be puppet-making demonstrations by Ken Vogel. If you've not heard of Ken, but you have been to Ella's, you might be able to picture the hand-made characters flying over the tables? Ken made some of those. 

He also makes amazing hand puppets and marionettes (this one is his best-sellers, but you'll find plenty of familiar faces in the bunch!).

Ken is happy to share his technique for making clay molds and then covering them with papier-mâché. He makes puppets to order (yes, he can make puppets to look like members of your family), and even sews the outfits himself. They are quite special.

It's all going to be special. I won't give away all the surprises. I'll just see you at the park!

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