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You are Invited to the 5th Annual May Picnic in the Park

Sunday, May 3 from 11-1 at the Yahara Place Park

Bring a picnic. Bring a blanket. Bring a jacket, as it always seems to be extremely windy (like nearly blowing the May Pole down kind of windy). 

Flower crowns are, of course, welcome. 

And please bring an instrument, if you play one. We need some help this year in the music department. 

Our wonderful musician friend Tim has moved away, and our other wonderful fiddling friend Daithi has another commitment, so we are depending on the fates to bring music to the park so that the children may dance

Thanks for your help spreading the word! This is the 5th May Picnic in the Park. The first one, in 2011, was also advertised with one of Milo Vander Zanden's drawings. Read more about our local tradition here.

2011 drawing by Milo Vander Zanden

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